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Let's capture right now

We want to be there for everything - birthdays, weddings, kids, pets and unremarkable Tuesdays. We want to document this life with you by building a relationship one incredibly fun hour (or so) at a time!

Hi there, I’m Cyndy and this is Rick.


Husband and wife, best friends forever - kinda total opposites.

Photography and design have, and I kid you not, been a big part of this middle-aged love affair. We started out as co-workers and friends, then found out that we like working together so much, we had to do something more permanent!

We've got a great, collaborative relationship that highlights our strengths and tempers our weaknesses. We each bring a different energy and style to your session - we think it's what makes a photoshoot with us so special. Working together is a joy and, since our professional paths have diverged, we've focused on our photography as a way to keep the creative relationship that we cherish at the heart of our romantic relationship.


The Experience

How long, how much, what do we wear? Even if you've worked with a photographer before this might be a little different than that experience. Click through and explore all the details on why we think you should hire a life photographer.

Family Life

Avoid stiff, posed and traditional portraits with the ones who hold you nearest and dearest. We'll have moments where we all smile and look at the camera, but we also focus on the in-between: glances, jokes, snuggles included ... everything that makes you a family.

Married Life

Maybe the two of you are eloping in the mountains or have 300 people coming in for your ceremony with a 22-person wedding party. Yes, please. We adore weddings and would love nothing more than spending the day with you and those celebrating this event!

A Day in the Life

We offer a very limited amount of 8- to 12-hour sessions - on singular or multiple days. I suggest these for families that are moving, losing a loved one, welcoming a new child or just want a different kind of visual experience. We're together all day - doing whatever it is you want to capture. Travel sessions do require a minimum of 2 full shoot days.