Mr. and Mrs. Phillips

I know my face isn't in this one but I LOVE this picture Rick took recently.

He's uber hot.

About Us

Cyndy and Rick met in 2010, fell in love soon after and married on 12/31/13. Photography and design have, and I kid you not, been a big part of this middle-aged love affair. We started out as co-workers and friends, then found out that we like working together so much, we had to do something more permanent!

We've got a great, collaborative relationship that highlights our strengths and tempers our weaknesses. Working together is a joy, and since our professional paths have diverged, we've focused on our photography as a way to keep the creative relationship that we cherish at the heart of our romantic relationship.

And, to be honest, with three kids, four dogs and our mother living with us – a photo shoot with just the two of us working together pretty much feels like a date!

It’s a big, beautiful life. We want to capture as much of it as we can!

Cyndy's Rick

Rick creates magic with the LensBaby and adds a lovely dreamy quality to every situation he captures. He does this for my life and he'll does this for your pictures. It's an amazing contrast to my very straight forward, photojournalist images.

He's my best friend and one true love. His beard smells like magic and I can honestly say I've gotten lost in his beautiful blue eyes.

Rick's Cyndy

What can I say? This guy loves his wife.

Cyndy is smart, energetic, gorgeous and absolutely fun to be around. Technically, she’s an amazing photographer – but more than that, she’s got an artistic sensibility that’s shown me being a photographer is not just “point and click;” it’s more like painting with light.

I love her because she brings out the best in me. With photography, she’s taught me that it’s the people, more than camera settings or special lenses, that make fantastic, memorable pictures. She’s got a way of putting families at ease, figuring out the relationships, and getting a laugh or a look that uses their natural dynamics to create images that are absolutely beautiful because they’re sincere and honest.

Great photo shoots aren’t just about having a really nice camera, they’re about finding what’s special about a person, bringing it to the surface and being ready to snap a couple pictures when that happens.

I love experiencing that with her, and I hope you will, too.

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